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How could you be so heartless?

Click to view a news story including footage of Kanye's outburst

Click to view a news story including footage of Kanye's outburst

Obviously I’m not about to say anything original here, but WHO does Kanye West think he is? Every time that man is given a microphone, he abuses the privilege. As if saying he is the greatest rapper in the world and that he should have won every award every time he loses isn’t bad enough, how could you diss Taylor Swift? She seems like the sweetest, most genuine star today. Eric Danton, rock critic at the Hartford Courant, said she was one of the best interviews he’s ever done. He praised her for her poise and maturity, which comes out in every interview she does. The crassness of Kanye’s outburst so starkly contrasts with her class that it makes him look like even more of an asshole.

She’s one of the most popular stars today, and she deserved her win. Even if you believe she didn’t, what right do you have to take away her moment from her?

The audacity of Mr. West is inexcusable. I can’t even think of an incident where someone handled a situation so inappropriately. It’s the VMAs and anything can happen, but poor Taylor. So, so tasteless of someone who thinks he’s the greatest thing out there.

By the way, to whoever commented “you call this a website?” – no, it is a blog, done for fun. Lots of people have them.  I’m not trying to do anything profound with it. I rarely have time to work on it, and no one’s forcing you to read it. If you want to see a “real” web site, go to one you’ve heard of.