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My crazy life



First of all, WOW. Over TWO THOUSAND people read my blog a few days ago. Before the 29th, the numbers on my little stats graph were under 80. In the past few days, they’ve hovered just under a thousand. HOLY CRAP. awesome.

I have been really really awful about updating, but I have been trying to adjust to my insanely busy fall semester of senior year. I arrived to UConn Friday night with a car full of stuff, but instead of heading to my apartment, I went straight to the abode of one of my best friends where all 12 of my main girls were waiting for me 🙂 I was so happy to see them and lots of squealing ensued.

Saturday was my epic grocery shopping adventure, where 5 of us piled into one car, forgetting that we’d also have to fit all of our groceries. Being my very first kitchen stocking trip, I spent an awful lot of money on some staples. Let me tell you, a Big Y card really does go a long way!

Sunday I FINALLY unpacked the mess that was my bright pink room. I was successful in finding a place for each of my million articles of clothing, and even all my decorations. It might be cluttered, but it certainly looks like home. I LOVE it. Its bright pink, and most of my decorations are black and white. And I brought my collection of “I Love Lucy” merchandise, too!

Then, my insane class schedule began. I only have two classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, but four on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I’m working at the Daily Campus two nights a week – copy editing from 7- midnight on Tuesdays, designing from 6- midnight (or later! eeesh) on Wednesdays. Chapter on Sundays, dance some night, and homework whenever the hell I can squeeze it in. It’s gonna be a rough semester, but I guess that’s what you get for going after a two degrees and a minor in four years.

I’m off to get some of that work done before my next class, which I am unfortunately not prepared for (still waiting for my books!). I promise to update more interestingly and more often.