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Rock n Rolla

I posted this on my facebook a little while back, but I figured I’d put it here and enhance a bit.

I am a complete audiophile. Not really by the true definition because i don’t know jack about hi-fi technology, but by the wikipedia entry that says it could also mean someone who loves music. I truly, truly do. I love most kinds (obviously some more than others) and thrive on seeing live shows.

At 21, I have seen probably around 75 bands live, many of them multiple times. Spurred by a Facebook note by Eric R. Danton, rock critic at the Hartford Courant (newspaper under fire and my summer and possibly future place of work), I compiled a list of just 50 of the bands I’ve seen. Here, I will provide mini-reviews, too.

Eric Danton is a rock critic. I am a wannabe. Thought I’d see what I could come up with for 50 of the bands I’ve seen live….

I spend a lot of time at concerts, so here’s a sampling of acts I’ve seen live:

1. Dave Matthews Band (including Dave and Tim Reynolds and Dave and Friends) (30x)

Yes, 30. My father took me to my first Dave show at the tender age of 12, and I have averaged 2-3 shows a year since. I’ve sat everywhere from the 4th row all the way back to the lawn, and I’ve loved every second of it. Despite a few shows where I was frustrated with the set list, including this year’s first night at Nikon at Jones Beach in Long Island, I will go as many times as I can afford and until DMB stops touring. Unfortunately, Dave has such strained vocal cords that he had to cancel last night’s performance. I hope he takes some much-needed breaks so he can entertain for years to come!
2. Rolling Stones (5x)

I was born and raised a Rolling Stones fan. My father has a big ol’ man crush on Mick Jagger, and I’m pretty sure they were my favorite out of the womb. My dog’s name is Jagger. My first Stones show was with my entire family when I was about 10 and my brother was 6, and I’ve gone at least once to every tour since. There is nothing like it. The energy of that 60-something year-old man far exceeds my own. Besides, he’s sexy!
3. Taking Back Sunday (4x) Just saw them open for Blink 182, and they now suck.
4. Brand New (2x) A-mazing.One of my very favorite bands, from their pop-punk beginnings to super moody current stuff.
5. Saves the Day (2x) – good when I was 15, not so good now.
6. Incubus – Awesome.
7. Jack Johnson – Surprisingly great live.
8. She and Him – Zooey Deschanel’s voice is like melted butter.
9. Jakob Dylan – Way hotter and way better singer than his father (not to disrespect Mr. Bob Dylan, but everyone knows he cannot sing).
10. Peter Gabriel – One of the coolest sets with very cool effects.
11. Paul McCartney
12. Elton John – Faaaabulous.
13. Stephen and Damian Marley – very cool to see them sing their dad’s songs
14. Black Crowes (3x) – Always sound horrible. Love their studio albums, skip the live shows. Also known to do some weird shit onstage.
15. Tom Petty -thinks he is God, but good nonetheless.
16. Blink 182 (3x) – Do not know how to play their instruments, but fun fun fun. If you’re easily offended by “I fucked your mom (or dad)” jokes, steer clear.
17. No Doubt (2x) – No words. Gwen is a goddess, and they know their stuff.
18. The Strokes  – opened for the Stones once.
19. The Used
20. Dropkick Murphys – very very fun show. Doesn’t matter if you know all the music, great time.
21. Gym Class Heroes (2x)
22. The Format
23. My Morning Jacket
24. Pearl Jam (3x) – One of the very best live acts around. Talented musicians, classic songs.
25. All American Rejects -I took my little brother for his birthday, don’t judge me.
26. Fall Out Boy (2x) – No matter how crappy they might be, I absolutely love them. They were terrible the first time (Warped Tour ’04) and much, much better in ’07.
27. The Academy Is…
28. Coheed and Cambria
29. Weezer (2x) Rocked out both times. This time they were in neon yellow haz mat-type suits (very Devo), but played an amazing set and still rock as much as ever despite their increasingly awful studio albums.
30. Foo Fighters – loud.
31. Coldplay – good, short, played every song I knew and none I didn’t.
32. State Radio – free show at UConn.
33. Dispatch – Zimbabwe benefit shows at MSG, high energy, really great.
34. MGMT – opened for Paul McCartney. Sick gig, eh?
35. OAR -3 too many times
36. Elvis Costello – one of my very favorites ever. Beacon Theater in NYC, sang part of a song a capella without mic from the edge of the stage and everyone could hear it. Great musician.
37. The Slip – $12 at the Webster, first time I’ve ever been there when the place wasn’t packed wall to wall. There were probably about 50-60 in the audience.  Really talented. I mean, no one’s ever heard of them, but “Even Rats” is on Guitar Hero!
38. Sara Barreilles (haha) she opened for maroon 5/counting crows. she plays a piano, cool.
39. Robert Randolph and the Family Band (3x) If you haven’t seen them, do it.
40. Black Eyed Peas – Not the time Fergie peed on stage. At a DMB festival. They were actually kind of good at the time (where is the love era, not all these new horrid songs)
41. Goo goo dolls – opened for the rolling stones
42. The White Stripes – Jack White is God. Best guitar player I’ve seen. Way too short (only about an hour and a half). Meg is practically useless.
43. New Found Glory – Was young.
44. Gwen Stefani solo – Her beauty and awesomeness and my undying love for her makes up for the crap that is her solo music.
45. Girl Talk – Sweaty. Fun. My anxiety prevented me from staying up onstage where you couldn’t move, but it was a great big dance party.
46. Kanye West – opened for the stones, sucks. Can’t run and rap at the same time.
47.Maroon 5 (3x) – Adam Levine is a beautiful sex god, and his songs are as sexy as he is. Fun times.
48. Counting Crows (2x) – Adam Duritz uses live shows as a therapy session, and it’s not a good thing. Although I was fully aware that the band drastically changes melodies and song arrangements live, I did not at all enjoy not being able to sing along. Second time was better, but wouldn’t recommend seeing them if you love their albums.
49. James Taylor – Too mellow, but he’s James Taylor.
50. Jimmy Eat World (2x) – Love. The first time, the band played every song a fan could ask for, and the second was the Clarity 10th anniversary tour, so JEW played Clarity in its entirety and a few other classics.

My crazy life



First of all, WOW. Over TWO THOUSAND people read my blog a few days ago. Before the 29th, the numbers on my little stats graph were under 80. In the past few days, they’ve hovered just under a thousand. HOLY CRAP. awesome.

I have been really really awful about updating, but I have been trying to adjust to my insanely busy fall semester of senior year. I arrived to UConn Friday night with a car full of stuff, but instead of heading to my apartment, I went straight to the abode of one of my best friends where all 12 of my main girls were waiting for me 🙂 I was so happy to see them and lots of squealing ensued.

Saturday was my epic grocery shopping adventure, where 5 of us piled into one car, forgetting that we’d also have to fit all of our groceries. Being my very first kitchen stocking trip, I spent an awful lot of money on some staples. Let me tell you, a Big Y card really does go a long way!

Sunday I FINALLY unpacked the mess that was my bright pink room. I was successful in finding a place for each of my million articles of clothing, and even all my decorations. It might be cluttered, but it certainly looks like home. I LOVE it. Its bright pink, and most of my decorations are black and white. And I brought my collection of “I Love Lucy” merchandise, too!

Then, my insane class schedule began. I only have two classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, but four on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I’m working at the Daily Campus two nights a week – copy editing from 7- midnight on Tuesdays, designing from 6- midnight (or later! eeesh) on Wednesdays. Chapter on Sundays, dance some night, and homework whenever the hell I can squeeze it in. It’s gonna be a rough semester, but I guess that’s what you get for going after a two degrees and a minor in four years.

I’m off to get some of that work done before my next class, which I am unfortunately not prepared for (still waiting for my books!). I promise to update more interestingly and more often.

I wanna be a supermodel

I want to start wearing dresses. A lot.

courtesty of

courtesty of

I want to wear them all the time. I want them to be 40s-50s-and 60s-inspired.

I want to wear them at completely inappropriate times, like out at a UConn party on a Friday night.

I want to look like Zooey Deschanel at all times.

Slight problem — I live in jeans and t-shirts (and sometimes flannel).

Sure, I wear dresses, but usually sun dresses, and usually on special occasions or at least out to a restaurant.

Is it weird that I just want to look like a 1950s housewife?

After all, Julie & Julia (go see it, it was fabulous) has inspired me to cook extravagant meals in my apartment all year (school can wait, food is more important).

I know it won’t come to fruition, but maybe with a pretty dress and a nice apron, I’ll pull off lobster thermidor?

What every girl dreams about

2d415fde-16ee-4e45-aa66-535e15af88d7_enlargedNormalWeddings are everywhere.

As if I didn’t already think about my someday wedding enough (just cuz I’m a girl, darnit!), about a thousand girls I went to high school with are engaged (thanks, Facebook, for keeping me in the loop). And then I go looking for blogs to read, and half of them are about someone getting married. Which is exactly why I just spent at least 20 minutes looking at wedding dresses from Alfred Angelo. I’m pretty sure I found at least 6 that I love, and some bridesmaid dress possibilities, as well.

Now, I’m nowhere close to getting married.

Yes, I have a boyfriend, but I’m still in college and we’ve only been together for 7 months. And as a child of divorced parents who got married too young, I am a firm believer in not rushing into that type of thing.

But like I said, I’m a GIRL.

Not to say that every girl thinks about whether she wants a sweetheart neckline or a mermaid dress, or whether she wants a DJ or a band, or whether she wants to get married at St. Gabriel’s on the beach in Milford. And I mean, not every girl watches Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes or Food Network Challenge and files away ideas in the back of her mind for her future wedding cake. And who says every girl thinks about whether or not she even wants a traditional cake at her wedding – maybe an ice cream sundae bar like Funny Gal KAT or cupcakes? And who would I invite?

And I’m really far away from thinking about whether I would keep my last name, or hyphenate, or just use my maiden name for my byline.

Or whether we’ll get a dog right away or wait until we have a big enough place. And how many years we’ll spend traveling and living the life before we have 2 kids.

I mean, that stuff is so far off.

Not every girl thinks about those things on practically a weekly basis beginning at age 12, especially in such detail. And certainly not me.

the epic saga of Brakes the beagle.

Ok, so I’ve been MIA for like a week, but with good reason. First, I had nothing to write about. Then, this dog ran away and it consumed a lot of my thoughts. (And no one reads this anyway, so what does it matter?)

It’s kind of a long story, so here goes…

My brother works at a place called Paw Play, a doggie daycare. Some of the people who work there run a little animal shelter operation called Pawtectors. They rescued a tiny little beagle from a lab where he spent the first three years of his tiny little life being injected with medicines. You know that whole animal testing thing? Yeah, I’m totally against that, even moreso than I used to be, now that little Brakes (more on that soon) is in my life.

Anyway, they named him Brakes because he has an ID tattooed on the underside of his ear and the last three letters are ABS. Cute, right? So, my brother, being lover of all animals, decides he wants this dog. He has the brilliant idea to show the dog to my mother, and she decides she wants it and takes it for a trial run, starting this past Monday.
She has him for 2 whole days and on the third day (he rose again…no, wait) she picks him up from Paw Play after she gets out of work, and he gets loose. Now, Brakes is the most skittish little creature I’ve ever seen. He’s afraid of everything, and doesn’t even know how to bark. She chased him around for a bit, but he just kept running away.

So I get there about an hour later, and look around for an hour. Finally I find him in this big clearing, but as soon as he realizes I’m coming toward him, he runs into the woods. I did things I thought would never do while trying to catch him, like taking off my shoes and running barefoot through a muddy clearing full of sticks and rocks, and going into the woods alone.

This story could be really dragged out, but I’ll try to cut to the chase. My brother got there soon after, and searched the woods, even sustaining multiple bee stings (which was sort of funny to witness, as he ran from the woods and shouted “it feels like lightning!” and just kept running, kind of like a scene from Jackass), until around 10 p.m. So we were left with no doggy, and lots of tears, and we decided to call it a night.

The next morning, Tommy had to be at work bright and early and share the bad news to his coworkers and bosses. Luckily, they were just concerned about finding the dog, and set out in the rain to search the woods where Brakes was last seen.

He wasn’t spotted, and although we thought the worst could’ve happened, we put signs up everywhere and the cops, warden, and pounds in our town and those surrounding were all aware of our little pup.

That night, my broski got a call that Brakes was spotted by the Pawtectors lady, and she was chasing him through a big graveyard in town near the woods where he was last seen. So, about 10 of his coworkers spent the night chasing him around. They saw him a few times, and the good news was he hadn’t gone far.

The same happened the next day, with the dog being spotted and even momentarily caught the next night. The guy who caught him let him go after Brakes snapped and startled him.
But, morale was still high, and Tommy was excited to get up early yesterday to find the pup. Whoever was out looking spotted him around 8, and T was there in 5 minutes’ time. By 10:30, they had him. He spent the day at the vet getting rehydrated (poor baby hadn’t had a thing to eat or drink in days, and all that running had to tire him out!).
We’re still not sure who’s gonna keep him (we have our fingers crossed that Daddy will cave!), but I don’t think I’ve gone through such an emotional rollercoaster in a very long time. And I knew I loved animals, but this whole incident showed me that I had no clue how much.

hate notes

click to see more hilarious notes

click to see more hilarious notes

Still trying to accomplish the task of reading the entire archives of the funny gals blog, all the way back to September 2005 (that’s a lotta blog!).

Well, back in August ’07, they posted a link to, which, to my great delight, is still up and running and hilarious! Check it out!

Let’s talk about me, for a minute…

Michaelangelos Narcussus

Michaelangelo's Narcussus

Since I restarted this blog yesterday with no clear-cut idea of what the hell I wanted to write about, I’ve been thinking a lot about today’s internet usage and society. We REALLY are the Me Generation, and what better proof than things like twitter and blogs about nothing too exciting. And I fully count myself among the self-centered.

I’m also a writer, so of course this is also an outlet for me to write about stuff, and maybe hone my craft…or maybe that’s just an excuse.

It seems that we all (again, me included) think our opinions matter. And sometimes, they do. But really, why do we care what Ashton Kutcher ate for lunch?

Weirdly though, we do. Everyone – and I mean everyone, I don’t care if you think you’re above it – knows who Jon Gosselin is, and most of us even know who he’s dating. I used to love Jon and Kate Plus 8 (we won’t go into whether or not that’s lame), and I find myself HATING Jon now. I know I tend to be a little celeb-obsessed, but should he even be considered a celebrity?

Ok, so I’m completely ranting, but whoever realized “Hey, Americans are totally full of themselves, let’s capitalize on that,” and started the first blogging/social networking/let the average American go on and on and on about himself site was absolutely brilliant.

But it sure has changed our world.

In completely unrelated news, I will leave you with this horrible joke, told at lunch by a fellow HC intern/Editor-in-Chief of a certain paper at a certain school I happen to attend:

EiC: Who’s that actress that stabbed her husband, Reese something??

Other interns: I don’t know what you’re talking about….Reese Witherspoon?

EiC: No, she did it with a knife! (horrible laughter. he actually thought it was funny)

Now now, dear (nonexistent) readers, I wouldn’t leave you in such a cruel way. Check this out for some actual laughs. Sheer brilliance and why I thank a non-religious entity for providing a forum where my silly fellow Americans can be silly.