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How could you be so heartless?

Click to view a news story including footage of Kanye's outburst

Click to view a news story including footage of Kanye's outburst

Obviously I’m not about to say anything original here, but WHO does Kanye West think he is? Every time that man is given a microphone, he abuses the privilege. As if saying he is the greatest rapper in the world and that he should have won every award every time he loses isn’t bad enough, how could you diss Taylor Swift? She seems like the sweetest, most genuine star today. Eric Danton, rock critic at the Hartford Courant, said she was one of the best interviews he’s ever done. He praised her for her poise and maturity, which comes out in every interview she does. The crassness of Kanye’s outburst so starkly contrasts with her class that it makes him look like even more of an asshole.

She’s one of the most popular stars today, and she deserved her win. Even if you believe she didn’t, what right do you have to take away her moment from her?

The audacity of Mr. West is inexcusable. I can’t even think of an incident where someone handled a situation so inappropriately. It’s the VMAs and anything can happen, but poor Taylor. So, so tasteless of someone who thinks he’s the greatest thing out there.

By the way, to whoever commented “you call this a website?” – no, it is a blog, done for fun. Lots of people have them.  I’m not trying to do anything profound with it. I rarely have time to work on it, and no one’s forcing you to read it. If you want to see a “real” web site, go to one you’ve heard of.

John Hughes

<3Jake Ryan<3

<3Jake Ryan<3

I know it’s a little late for this, but I just found this amazing story about John Hughes. It’s a beautiful tribute that shows what a wonderful man he was.

Thanks, DatingJesus, for the link.

Macca at Fenway

Sir Paul
Sir Paul

I went with my dad last night to see Paul McCartney (A BEATLE!!!!) play at Fenway Park. I love the Beatles (can anyone say they don’t?), so I was pretty excited to see the only surviving one (ok, Ringo’s alive, but he so doesn’t count) live.


As someone who likes a lot of music that came out twenty years prior to my birth, I’ve been blessed enough to catch the Rolling Stones five times in concert. Seeing the Beatles would be next on my to-do list.
Unfortunately, due to the deaths of the two awesomest (I know it isn’t a word) Beatles, the nicest Beatle and a kick-ass band would have to do.
And they were pretty kick-ass. The drummer, Abe Laboriel, Jr., looked almost pained as he bashed the drums. He kind of looks like the big Hawaaiian guy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But you could tell he’s been having the time of his life for the 30 years he’s backed up Sir Paul.
The guitarist and Keyboard/some kind of weird fake horn/harmonica player were also superb.
But Paul. SO good. At first, I couldn’t help but think that with all his plastic surgery, he looked a lot more like my 81-year-old grandmother than everyone’s favorite Beatle. However, it didn’t take long for me to remember why everybody loves him.
Macca engaged everyone in the stadium (which was a TON of people), sharing anecdotes between almost every song and taking in the praise of his audience. In a particularly adorable moment, he spoke of how the Beatles could never hear themselves sing in the early days because of how loud the girls were screaming. Of course, this prompted a very looong scream from the girls (read: middle aged+ women) in the crowd. After the next song, he said he just couldn’t get enough of it, and did it again.
He really was funny. And he sounded GREAT. Not only did his fingers manuever around his lefty guitar as nimbly as ever, but his voice sounded really good, for the most part.
McCartney opened with “Drive My Car” before going into a few of his solo songs and some songs by Wings. The majority of the show was a big ol’ Beatles sing-a-long, though, and it was fabulous.
I have to admit I was on the verge of emotional tears singing the “na na nas” of “Hey Jude” with thousands of people. And the beauty of acoustic numbers like “Blackbird” and “Yesterday” gave me chills.
I also loved the awesome pyrotechnic/firework display during “Live and Let Die” and the ’60s dance moves (mashed potato and all) of the Sarah Palin clone sitting in front of me.
Paul paid tribute to his long-gone friends, mentioning his late wife Linda more than a few times, much to my pleasure (I love Linda, and screw that Heather Mills bitch). He started “Something” with a ukelele, paying homage to my first favorite Beatle, George Harrison, and got everyone to cheer and give a standing ovation for John Lennon. However, I’ve gotta admit, the song he sang after that ovation, one he wrote for Lennon after his untimely death, was downright horribly crafted. Sorry, Paul.
Overall, it was an incredible experience. The fire the Beatles ignited in America in the ’60s was apparent as the older folks all around me danced their hearts out to “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” and it was awesome to snag a piece of the history the Beatles made.

(500) days of summer

Movie review time!

500days First things first, I have a MASSIVE girl crush on Zooey Deschanel, so I might be a little bit biased. (Oh-em-gee, if wikipedia is correct, we share a birthday. Ahhh!!) But I think even if I despised her, this movie would be great.

(500) Days of Summer‘ is quirky and it’s fun. Tom Hansen, played brilliantly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (aka that kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun), could be a great architect but instead he writes greeting cards.

Summer Finn (Deschanel) comes in as his boss’ (Clark Gregg, who I could not for the life of me place, but just realized it’s Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ ex in ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’) assistant. Tom pretty much falls in love with her immediately.

‘Summer’ floats around Tom and Summer’s relationship, with nifty little placards (I mean, I guess they could be called placards, but not really…) indicating which day of the relationship the scene will be.

The voice-over who narrates key parts of the film warns that ‘Summer’ “is not a love story,” which seems a little confusing, because clearly the entire thing is about a romantic relationship.

Clarity came when I saw that the tagline on the poster outside the theatre read, “This is not a love story. It is a story about love.” And it is. These are two very different things.

‘Summer’ highlights the most raw feelings we encounter when we are in love – Gordon-Levitt’s walk to work turns into a musical number as he leaves his house after sleeping with Summer for the first time. We feel his pain when she tells him, after running through Ikea pretending each room display was part of their house and crashing into a bed (“Darling, I don’t know how to tell you this, but there’s a Chinese family in our bathroom,” Tom says in one of the funniest moments of the movie, complete with the whole family staring at the couple lying in bed), that she’s not looking for anything serious.

Their struggles with defining what they are – Tom is head over heels in love, Zooey doesn’t believe in love after her parent’s divorce – are at the core of the film.

There are twists, and this is not a traditional cookie-cutter rom-com. In the end, the guy doesn’t win over the girl who stomped on his heart over pancakes. If you’re looking for a picture perfect ending, be warned. But ‘Summer’ is compelling and touching through and through. Even if the ending isn’t what you expect, it’s a different kind of happily-ever-after.

Find (much more in-depth) reviews here and here.

Bawa Wawa and the Most Interesting People

Barbara Walters will talk to Sarah Palin on her 16th annual “10 Most Fascinating People” special tomorrow night, as well as her TV counterpart, Tina Fey. No doubt that Sarah Palin’s emergence on the scene is directly to thank for Fey’s success this year.

Will Smith will be featured on The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008 special

Will Smith will be featured on The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008 special

Since the others on the list are so predictable (Will Smith, Tom Cruise – are we sure this isn’t 1998′s list? – Miley Cyrus, and Michael Phelps will also be featured), it seems like the mystery number 1 spot can’t go to anyone but President-Elect Barack Obama. But who knows, maybe we’ll be surprised?

Honestly, though. Who could have been more fascinating than the nation’s first black president? The pregnant man (two posts including this guy in two days, weird!) has already been announced as one of the other 9, so I’m pretty sure Obama’s a shoe-in.

Find out tomorrow night (Dec. 4) on ABC at 10 p.m.

Obama, Britney, and the pregnant man?


No surprise here, but “Barack Obama” has topped AOL‘s most popular searches in the newsmakers category this year. The election as a whole was the most popular thing on internet surfers’ minds, according to the rankings. AOL broke the lists into more than 40 categories of “the people, places and topics that received the largest volume of Web and mobile search queries on AOL Search,, and on Truveo, AOL’s leading video search engine,,” according to the article on

The article states that politicians took up seven of the 10 top spots in the “newsmakers” category. Of course, Britney Spears and Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man, were in the top 10 in this category as well. Obama came in first, with Sarah Palin at number two, ex-presidential hopeful and future Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fourth, and John McCain at number five.

Even the videos were popular. Obama’s speeches,’s “Yes We Can” video, and Paris Hilton’s mock campaign were the top searched on the video search engine.

With the amount of focus on the election this year, none of this comes as a surprise to me. Let’s go Barack!!

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Click to watch the entire interview

Click to watch the entire interview

The President-Elect and the future First Lady sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes this past Sunday. Barack Obama exuded his usual high level of composure throughout the interview. Although the topics of the interview ranged from his plans as president regarding the economy, national security, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to his personal transition to office, Obama never failed to give a compelling and endearing answer.

Even when refusing to answer Steve Kroft‘s probing questions about Hillary Clinton‘s possible cabinet appointment, Barack followed his slightly stern chorus of “You’re not getting anymore out of me” with that mega-watt smile he keeps in his back pocket and only takes out, oh, every time he says something charming. Which just happens to be pretty often.

When Michelle Obama joins the interview about 20 minutes in, the rapport between the husband and wife really seems like a genuine support system.

Obama does reflect on the fact that his celebrity will be taking its toll even more so in the coming months and the next four years. Just a few weeks ago, he was still able to take a drive down to his barber shop. Not anymore. In the interview he says that he’s not adjusted to “not being able to take a walk,” as well as a “loss of anonymity.” But he realizes that it all comes with the most powerful job in the world. “That’s not a complaint; it’s what you sign up for,” he says.

For now, the Obamas are focused on keeping their lives, and their young daughters’ lives, as close to normal as possible. “The small routines of life, the things that keep you connected, some of those are being lost,” Barack says in the interview. Judging by their actions thus far – the girls were in school the morning after Obama’s historic win – the future First Family is on the right track.

This great interview really showcases the President-Elect’s approachable, as-humble-as-can-be brand of celebrity.

She’s not going anywhere just yet

sarahmiamiSarah Palin may not have been elected VP in the election, but her celebrity status hasn’t diminished yet. These paparazzi photos of Palin vacationing in Miami have just popped up, proving that we are still interested in the whirlwind that has been the Alaskan Governor’s life these past few months.

Although her 15 minutes should be up, these stealth photos just prove that Palin did become a celebrity overnight.

Regardless of what she does next (Tv show? $7 million book deal? President in 2012?), Palin is here to stay, at least for a little bit longer. Unless she’s willing to go back to hunting in Wasilla, she’s going to have to get used to dealing with those intrusive photographers! Well, she’s already taken on the “jerks” in the media, so our little pitbull should do just fine.

What will comedians focus on now?

As we all know, Sarah Palin gave late night comedians enough fodder to make jokes until 2012. A few nights ago, Conan O’Brien had a segment based on the leftover “John McCain is old” jokes he would have now that McCain had lost the election. But, as many have noticed, Barack Obama seems untouchable. He is smooth, intelligent, and handsome. He rarely makes notable flubs, and is much more well-spoken than our current president, whose speaking style alone has inspired countless jokes.

So far, it seems that the comedians are making fun of the media and the message than Obama himself. An episode of South Park aired the night after the election did a great job teasing the masses of Obama supporters and their ridiclous actions and sometime irrational belief in the change Obama will bring.

I though Jon Stewart did a particularly hilarious job in this segment aired last night:

Click to watch

Click to watch

In this six-minute clip, Stewart skewers “Change” (he declares that Rob Schneider will start appearing in only period-piece films), Obama’s huge entourage, how badly Bush wants to get out of the White House, and, most accurately, the media’s absolute obsession with Obama.

A picture of Obama on his way to the gym. A bit much?

A picture of Obama on his way to the gym. A bit much?

Celebs’ views not that important

According to a study performed by HCD Research and the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, celebrities did not really influence voters in who they voted for on Election Day. Phew, there is still hope for our country.


The study found that 90 percent of males polled and 87 percent of females polled said they were not influenced by celebrity endorsements. And for those who were even slightly influenced, the celebs had to be pretty high profile to have any say. Oprah Winfrey, Alan Greenspan, Rush Limbaugh, George Clooney and Barbara Walters were the top five most influential celebrities. Interesting that Clooney made the list, considering he was so hesitant about speaking for Obama for fear that he would hurt the campaign. Many other celebrities were much more vocal about who they backed.

These findings do give me some confidence that most of the voters in America still have the heads on their shoulders to take the issues into more consideration than celebrity endorsements.