I’m 21.

I’m a senior at UConn.

I work at the Hartford Courant in the news department for the summer.

I will add more to this, swear.

5 responses to “About

  1. WOW…I hope everything you hope and wish for comes true…I can’t stop smiling and laughing please add more…

  2. Hey, im an up and coming blogger, been doing it for a month or 2, if you dont count the times in between ive totally neglected it. i’m a senior in high school and ive recently picked it up again after a 2 month hiatus. the problem is i feel i have a lot to say but it all falls on deaf ears, or no ears for that matter. ive been reading your blog a lot and its my favorite. i was hoping you could give me some tips to make mine better and get some new fans or followers, I hear an RSS is the way to go but i have no idea what that is or how to use one. maybe you could even endorse my blog on your blog if you like it. heres the link:


    thanks for all your help.
    Much love,

    David Bassily

  3. In response to #59 of your list, yes, yes we do.

  4. Didn’t say it had to be MY website. Anyway LOVED your miscellaneous thoughts. Keep at it. Go Huskies!

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