My crazy life



First of all, WOW. Over TWO THOUSAND people read my blog a few days ago. Before the 29th, the numbers on my little stats graph were under 80. In the past few days, they’ve hovered just under a thousand. HOLY CRAP. awesome.

I have been really really awful about updating, but I have been trying to adjust to my insanely busy fall semester of senior year. I arrived to UConn Friday night with a car full of stuff, but instead of heading to my apartment, I went straight to the abode of one of my best friends where all 12 of my main girls were waiting for me 🙂 I was so happy to see them and lots of squealing ensued.

Saturday was my epic grocery shopping adventure, where 5 of us piled into one car, forgetting that we’d also have to fit all of our groceries. Being my very first kitchen stocking trip, I spent an awful lot of money on some staples. Let me tell you, a Big Y card really does go a long way!

Sunday I FINALLY unpacked the mess that was my bright pink room. I was successful in finding a place for each of my million articles of clothing, and even all my decorations. It might be cluttered, but it certainly looks like home. I LOVE it. Its bright pink, and most of my decorations are black and white. And I brought my collection of “I Love Lucy” merchandise, too!

Then, my insane class schedule began. I only have two classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, but four on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I’m working at the Daily Campus two nights a week – copy editing from 7- midnight on Tuesdays, designing from 6- midnight (or later! eeesh) on Wednesdays. Chapter on Sundays, dance some night, and homework whenever the hell I can squeeze it in. It’s gonna be a rough semester, but I guess that’s what you get for going after a two degrees and a minor in four years.

I’m off to get some of that work done before my next class, which I am unfortunately not prepared for (still waiting for my books!). I promise to update more interestingly and more often.

One response to “My crazy life

  1. prettylittlebird

    OHMYGOD how freaky is it, getting all these random views…just logging in and your stats are like WHOOOOOSH.
    it makes me wonder who is reading our mundane lives 🙂

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