What every girl dreams about

2d415fde-16ee-4e45-aa66-535e15af88d7_enlargedNormalWeddings are everywhere.

As if I didn’t already think about my someday wedding enough (just cuz I’m a girl, darnit!), about a thousand girls I went to high school with are engaged (thanks, Facebook, for keeping me in the loop). And then I go looking for blogs to read, and half of them are about someone getting married. Which is exactly why I just spent at least 20 minutes looking at wedding dresses from Alfred Angelo. I’m pretty sure I found at least 6 that I love, and some bridesmaid dress possibilities, as well.

Now, I’m nowhere close to getting married.

Yes, I have a boyfriend, but I’m still in college and we’ve only been together for 7 months. And as a child of divorced parents who got married too young, I am a firm believer in not rushing into that type of thing.

But like I said, I’m a GIRL.

Not to say that every girl thinks about whether she wants a sweetheart neckline or a mermaid dress, or whether she wants a DJ or a band, or whether she wants to get married at St. Gabriel’s on the beach in Milford. And I mean, not every girl watches Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes or Food Network Challenge and files away ideas in the back of her mind for her future wedding cake. And who says every girl thinks about whether or not she even wants a traditional cake at her wedding – maybe an ice cream sundae bar like Funny Gal KAT¬†or cupcakes? And who would I invite?

And I’m really far away from thinking about whether I would keep my last name, or hyphenate, or just use my maiden name for my byline.

Or whether we’ll get a dog right away or wait until we have a big enough place. And how many years we’ll spend traveling and living the life before we have 2 kids.

I mean, that stuff is so far off.

Not every girl thinks about those things on practically a weekly basis beginning at age 12, especially in such detail. And certainly not me.

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