Lipstick on a McCain

So much for John Edwards’ $400 haircut. In searching for the best ways to relate today’s candidates to celebs, today’s Google alert e-mail with the search criteria “McCain celebrity” was chock full of articles concerning McCain’s pricey makeup artist bill. According to various articles (US Weekly claims to have exclusively broken the story, in their Celebrity News section nonetheless – how fitting!), McCain recently paid celebrity makeup artist Tifanie White $5,583.43 to prepare his face for TV. White has done makeup for “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” So much for McCain attacking Obama for his celebrity tendencies.

McCain gets camera-ready

McCain gets camera-ready

Barack's makeup artist, Bobbi Brown

Barack reportedly has Bobbi Brown do his makeup

According to the US Weekly site, Obama gets his makeup done by famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown. No word on how much he pays her, but it probably is a pretty penny.

Finally, McCain can get his share of criticism on the candidates-as-celebs issue!

Before he wore makeup...

Before he wore makeup...


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